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Gertie and Govard are getting down and dirty and the guy is already burying his head between the girl’s legs, but today he wants to go for the other hole. At first Gertie feels nonplused and unwilling, but then she gives in and gives it a try. She takes one and then two fingers into her cherry ass before getting ready for Govard’s fat dick. See her nylon tights getting ripped open for their anal session.

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Alina was working her biceps and triceps when her coach got ready to show her something totally new. First, Adam pulled out his hard meaty tool and the sporty girl got down to work. Then, he ordered her to get on top and move her bum up and down. Alina’s back hole was so tight that some rimming and fingering proved to be of use. It looks like the girl got a far more of an intense ass fucking training session, than she expected.

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Natali felt puzzled a bit as to what her boyfriend was up to while fussing about her bottom. This sexy, blonde chick was wearing just her silky blue robe and stockings giving Adam an easy access to her tasty bare ass. The pervy guy fingered her booty making some room for his dick, while this blonde bimbo was munching on his cock. At last, he got stone hard and drove his big meaty pole into Natali’s ready butthole.

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There’s a hot bitch inside every haughty, mean babe and Connie is ready to prove it. Don’t let her glasses and smart office outfit fool you, she’s wearing a sexy pair of stockings under her skirt and she’s ready for an ass fucking. Govard catches this corporate slut on her way to work and goes straight for her ass. He finger fucks her shitter and then pounds it hard after a high quality blowjob.

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