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Drinking and smoking is what this girl likes to do. It always makes her feel kind of naughty and when the alcohol goes to her head and makes her feel like she’s floating she can’t stop thinking about sex. She dreams of having a pecker in her mouth and fingers in her pussy and then she starts thinking about the really naughty stuff like having a man fuck her ass. It would feel so good to be treated like a hot anal slut and she needs it badly.

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Patrick is on guard at the office and the only burglar around is his butt burglar cock and Elsie’s big meaty lady ass, that is going to get a breaking and entering worthy of a prison sentence. The older horny stud lets this pretty brunette whip out his thick meaty member and he slams that fucker deep into her gripping lady pooper making her moan and groan with mind-blowing passion. Soon he’s going haywire in her plundered lady pooper where he busts a hot wad of spuzz deep into her. For the cherry on top, Elsie does some sucking of ass entombed cock, thus tasting her own cock plowed butt and his gooey cum.

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Mia knew the new office boy was nervous his first day on the job and she wanted to make Lewis feel at home, so she brought him to the sports lounge where she could throw some of her whorish ways on him. Soon she had his cock out and started to suck it with fury, until it was so stiff and slick it would slip easily into her funky butthole. He was horny as fuck by fucking an older woman in her ass, that his balls boiled with desire and he ejaculated deep inside her anus, with searing hot cum.

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Brunette Barbara got hooked up with, horny as fuck, young Patrick and he went crazy on that girl and fucked her butt brutally. She didn’t resist, as she was already on the hunt for a hard shaft and when she threw that plump, juicy, young butt up at, big cock, Patrick, she did so, so she could get him to use his fingers and cock to slam that younger shitter. She was joyous when he finally busted a fat juicy nut up her plundered lady pooper.

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