January 30, 2012

Chick spreads legs getting her brown hole fingered and dicked


As soon as they get home, Mike is all over her, groping Laura from behind and trying to work his hand into her pussy. He wants to fuck the slut and since she’s such a naughty chick she wants to get fucked as hard as he can deliver. She wants to feel every inch of his thick cock penetrating her and if he’s willing she would love to have him fuck her asshole. There’s nothing quite like having a big cock slide up into your brown hole as this babe knows.

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One thought on “Chick spreads legs getting her brown hole fingered and dicked”

  1. kbod998

    Great article. I try to hit the ass at least 5 times a week when my schedule allows it. Working the same butts every week with the same guys can get old fast. Its fun to throw in fantasies or more videos like your website suggested. Thanks for posting!

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