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Elsie lost the bet with, well-hung guy, Patrick and she knew that meant she had to give in to Patrick’s fantasies which, of course, included stuffing his virgin dick into her tight hot booty. She reluctantly sucked his cock to get it all lubed up and ready to insert into her tiny fleshy asshole and she knew his strength and rigidity would need power to enter the resistance of her vice clenched sphincter hole. Soon Patrick was deep inside Elsie’s asshole and he slammed her until he blew a gooey gob of spuzz.

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Patrick is on guard at the office and the only burglar around is his butt burglar cock and Elsie’s big meaty lady ass, that is going to get a breaking and entering worthy of a prison sentence. The older horny stud lets this pretty brunette whip out his thick meaty member and he slams that fucker deep into her gripping lady pooper making her moan and groan with mind-blowing passion. Soon he’s going haywire in her plundered lady pooper where he busts a hot wad of spuzz deep into her. For the cherry on top, Elsie does some sucking of ass entombed cock, thus tasting her own cock plowed butt and his gooey cum.

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What if you went for a job interview and a hot girl was there and wanted to get in a quickie ass plundering? Well, that’s what happens to Patrick as he meets this pretty, foxy redhead who can’t wait to get his pulsing dick deep inside her poopchute. Elsie doesn’t even wait for him and blows his cock to get it all slick so it can rip into her asshole for a good stuffing. He rips those pantyhose off her and stuffs his throbbing boner so deep in her bunghole his boner gets stuck by the suction.

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Her body is tingling with desire when she looks over and sees her master sleeping. The naughty, anal curious maid knows that it’s her chance to play with her hot body and she’s been dreaming all day about getting off, so she can’t wait. Elsie tends to try and masturbate several times a day because she’s always so aroused. Her pussy is dripping constantly and her asshole is winking at her and demanding a cock. She needs a man, like Patrick, to take her arse hard and her master does it today.

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