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Peter found his neighbor, Ira, sleeping on his futon after the big party and knowing his girlfriend was out driving friends home, he took the opportunity to see if she was really as hot as the guys said. Soon she was responding as she felt him feeling her bare ass and begged him to pull out his throbbing pecker and stuff it into her tight, wet, hot bunghole. He didn’t hesitate and was now pounding her fat butt with all his might, shooting hot wads of gooey white cum inside her asshole.

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See what happens when you leave your door unlocked and your hot blonde neighbor walks in on you masturbating. She has those big tits, bubble butt and she’s on your boner giving oral, faster than you can click your mouse. She saw you jerking off to some anal porn and now she wants a hard ass fucking. Before you know it, you’re balls deep inside her shaved twat and getting your cock lubed up with her cunt sauce, so you can stuff your throbbing dick deep inside her asshole, savaging her shitter raw.

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She’s dressed like a slutty hippie and he’s dressed like a nerd. They don’t seem to go together but they’re going to prove their physical chemistry right before your eyes. He undresses her slowly, running his fingers and tongue over her body to make her nerves fire wildly. He wants the slut to feel passion and desire and then he wants her to bend over and take his cock, for a hardcore ass banging. If she’s an anal slut then she can prove it right now as he bones her stiffly.

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He’s muscular and a little bit plump but Ira still can’t get enough of her neighbor. The thing about being with a well-built man is that Peter usually has a nice thick cock too and this beautiful boy delivers the anal banging of a lifetime for the blonde slut. Her hair flips and flies as she bounces on his dong and since he’s not wearing a condom, he’s going to leave a load in there. The anal creampie is going to be the hottest part of the scene, without question.

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