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Nicholas was so horny he couldn’t wait until they made it to the bedroom, so he began kissing and groping, kinky babe Jaclyn, as soon as they entered her apartment. The next moment, he was unzipping his pants and thrusting his bulging, meaty shaft into her willing mouth. Then he hiked up her bright summer dress and licked her little bum hole before zeroing in his boner on it and finally pinning down her butt on the bed.

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Jaclyn was a real flirt and while Nicholas felt like reading a book, she made it obvious that she felt like getting it on. Soon, she was passionately French kissing him and blowing his big, stiffening rod. The girl’s pussy was always wet and ready, yet, this time, Nicholas was after her backdoor. He licked and probed her rear entrance before bursting inside and almost ripping her super tight butt apart.

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