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Lottie knew that she owed Mark some cash from the office account and he wanted that fat butt of her’s in settlement. Soon, the lovely blonde secretary was on the desk ready to give up that cunt and tight shitter of hers to Mark’s pulsing cock. He wasted no time plunging his meat into her bunghole and churning her fudge into a lathery mix of spit, cum and anal essence. She howled in ecstasy as he hammered her ass into submission and packed her anus again with his boiling cum.

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The cute chick comes down the stairs of her apartment building wearing a very sexy black dress with white trim. She’s there to seduce the security guard even though he’s trying to do his job. There’s no way she’s going to let up until she gets what she wants and this naughty girl wants a big cock in her booty. The busty beauty gets licked and fingered and then her asshole gets a little bit of licking to really loosen her up. The anal humping comes next.

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Christiana can see him across the room and she’s so horny that she’s seriously trying to seduce him. She flashes her long legs and invites Mark to come a little closer and have a lick of her wet pussy. Her cunt has been waiting to be licked for days and his tongue is the only thing that can give it release. There’s a heated anal fuck to enjoy here and the slut is ready to be banged deep and hard by his incredible cock. She wants to try every crazy anal position, like a nasty teaser in stilettos should.

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