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Her beautiful black dress and soft black stockings are what really turn him on and he doesn’t wait long to let this lusty girl know how he feels. In no time at all he’s all over her, caressing her legs, kissing her neck and trying to force his hands into her panties. He’s found a wanton slut and she’s going to start by sucking his rigid manmeat. Whatever he wants from her he can have, even if that includes a deep ass fucking.

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Caroline and Nicholas are seriously going to get into some hardcore cock and anal action and that means ol’ Nick is gonna get him some of that tight lady ass and Caroline is going to take on that pulsing fat dick! Caroline was horny but we don’t think she was ready for the moist tight shitter pounding ol’ Nicholas was going to dish out and this nasty young slut sure got the butt banging of her life. She sure took a pounding in her itchy ass as Nicholas continued to buttfuck her hard, until she had her chocolate chute filled with creamy goodness.

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Jaclyn is a petite, blonde, cock-hungry gal with a small, tasty tushie, and Nicholas has always wanted to cram her little bum hole. This time he doesn’t beat about the bush and goes straight for the chick’s hot posterior and licks her ass crack to make it easier for his cock to slide inside. The guy also has his ramrod smeared in saliva after a deep throat job, so now you can see it going smoothly up the hottie’s poop chute.

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Nicholas was so horny he couldn’t wait until they made it to the bedroom, so he began kissing and groping, kinky babe Jaclyn, as soon as they entered her apartment. The next moment, he was unzipping his pants and thrusting his bulging, meaty shaft into her willing mouth. Then he hiked up her bright summer dress and licked her little bum hole before zeroing in his boner on it and finally pinning down her butt on the bed.

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