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All the girls in the dorm ran from the party when they heard the security guy, Ralph, coming. Alina and her shaved cunt were all that was left of the group. Knowing she might get kicked out, she tried to get away with offering up her wet cunt. The security guy knew a good thing when he saw it and he decided he would have that pussy, followed by some hot ass pounding. Sally’s little butt needed preparation for taking such a hard and fat dick, so she put some spit on it (mixed in with her own cunt juices) and then got her anal cherry busted.

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Ralph was so horny he couldn’t help but zero in on Alina, the pretty seductress, and that cute ass of hers. She in turn was happy to lead him on and she showed that booty to him. Of course, he popped a boner and from then on the shit was on. He took that fat juicy dick, got hold of that nasty lady fudgehole of Alina’s and bore into that tight backdoor of hers like he was searching for treasure. Ralph buttfucked her hard and she kept begging him to give her a mighty dicking, again and again.

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Alina works hard at her office job and sometimes she’s exhausted and craving release at the end of the day. Most of the time she slides down her tights, gets her favorite dildo out of her desk and sits on it, letting the plastic shaft penetrate her asshole and make her feel like a real woman. When it moves inside she feels so full and wonderful she just can’t get enough. She wants to be fucked harder and deeper but only a real cock can do that. Luckily her coworker, Ralph, is ready to deliver the meat.

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He’s staying home from work today after calling in sick and he has requested the services of this very special nurse to help him get better. Alina is dressed in a naughty little outfit and she doesn’t provide medical service, so much as sexual pleasure. Her beautiful body is his pleasure palace and he can do whatever he pleases. Ralph uses her pretty mouth like a hot fuck hole and then he jams his dick into her asshole and pumps her hard, nailing her like the anal slut she is.

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