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His hot housewife slut is working hard to keep his kitchen clean and that just makes him want to fuck her. It makes him want to violate her tight and sexy body and this sensual slut isn’t about to stop him from doing so. Carol loves it when a man takes charge, when he shows her that she is submissive to him and that she will do anal or whatever he tells her. That’s why she lets Vitas fuck her asshole with his big cock. He pounds it inside and she loves it.

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Most guys would give anything just to fuck a French maid but Vitas wants to fuck her asshole, to pound his cock into her hot rectum and thrust until she’s screaming for him to stop or he’s shooting his cum. Mima looks delicate and sensual, in her dress and white nylons, and by the way she keeps bending over in front of him tells us that she definitely wants it. She’s teasing and taunting and nothing would make her feel as good as a big cock in her butt.

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This dude couldn’t wait to fuck the new office maid. She had been poking that tight asshole of hers around all week and she deserved a good shitter slam. She wanted him badly so much she let him fuck her right there on the desk and begged him to rip into her ass with no mercy. Her nylons really turned him on and after getting enough of her cunt juice on his thrusting boner he then bent her over and rammed his man meat dead up her steaming hot shitter.

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